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When is the new AS3000 coming out?

Wasn't this supposed to come out last year?


  • The standard was scheduled to be released the end of last year but most likely will be out second half of this year

  • A quick search indicates the following changes, if it ever gets released 

    "Overview - main areas of change

    Mandatory requirement to consult with owner on special requirements if electricity supply is removed by extended fault or severe weather/climatic conditions
    Increased mandatory requirement for the use of RCD protection on all final sub-circuits of all types of installations
    Introduction to Arc Fault Detection Devices and where they are highly recommended to be installed
    New extended distances for switchboards to create greater safe working space and doorway access
    Referencing the new switchboard standard to be used in conjunction with the existing standard
    New clearances for electrical devices from cooktops
    Mandatory local isolation for hot water heaters
    New light fittings installation methods
    New allowance for vertical shower rose exclusion zones
    New wiring allowances for lifts designed to allow evacuation under emergency conditions. "

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