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Naked Earth Wires

Hey Guys,

I am a newbee here. Happy to join this forum and engage in discussions, get help and help other.

I hope you guys are happy to consider my below question and post your opinion and ideas.

A friend of mine has a property that needs some structural repairs done and I am helping at the moment.

I noticed the earth wires behind the fuse board have very little to no insulation around them and also an earth wire or two running behind the wall completely naked.

Is this acceptable? A licensed electrician said to me it is ok if it's old work.
I thought an uninsulated earth wire(even though it is just the earth) running right next to a live wire is kinda
worrying 'cos if the live wire insulation gives way on some spots it can easily short circuit to the earth.
I am sure circuit breaker/fuses/RCDs will trip and save a major issue if they are property installed.

But is it ok to have such open earth wires? I've never seen like that before, hence the worry.



  • Personally I don't think it's an issue. It depends on the surroundings and whether there will be much work eg renovations etc done in the wall where there is a naked earth. The active wire will also have a neutral and earth wire running with it, obviously all with their own PVC insulation. If there is a fault, you actually want the short to earth so that there is enough current for the breaker to trip. The insulation on the earth core is for mechanical protection. If there is going to be work in the area where the naked earth core is then there is a chance that the earth core may get damaged for whatever reason.

    Being a domestic setting, the circuit probably has earth leakage protection meaning that a small amount of current to earth will cause the breaker to trip.

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